3 Color Palettes for a Sophisticated Home

Jane Douglass May 12, 2017


Trendy color pairings  are not for everyone. But even if you prefer timeless paint palettes, the decision to update your home decor with new hues still comes with a lot of choices. Glossy or matte? Warm or cool tones? Pretty patterns or bare necessities? Here are three favorite palettes and pairings to help you gain a fresh perspective on your home.

Navy and white

If you’re lucky enough to call a beautiful coastline your home, a navy-and-white color palette is a perfect pick for your space. Its nautical roots and fresh, crisp look are a natural fit for a beach house or residence inspired by the shore.

navy and white
Photo from Zillow listing

Navy helps bring dramatic dimension to a room when paired with white trim or wainscoting. Keep the rest of the room's colors and accessories simple and natural, adding texture throughout with jute and other natural fibers for a fresh-off-the-beach feel.

Crisp white and warm gray

A truly timeless color palette, white and gray have the ability to turn a room completely contemporary or settle it into a totally traditional space. The shades of white and gray you select will determine the personality of the room, and change how light reflects off the walls, textiles, and flooring.

white and gray
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Try a warm greenish-gray paired with a crisp white for a transitionally styled space. The beige undertones help balance the coolness of the white, giving off an inviting vibe, perfect for pairing with vibrantly colored cushions, textiles, or accessories like rugs or ottomans.

Natural tan and warm white

Breathe life into a contemporary space with neutral tones like gray, brown, white, and beige. While this isn't a new idea, it's a luxurious take on a signature color palette, especially for a home transitioning into a modern style. (It’s also great for renters, because many rental homes already have white walls.)

white and tan
Photo from Zillow listing

If you have high ceilings to work with, paint the walls and ceilings the same bright white to draw the eye upward and create visual space. Next, opt for soft natural tones in your flooring, carpeting, and upholstery. Finally, choose furnishings with texture like braided accents, woven designs, and wooded elements.

If you're dying for color, touches of red help warm up a cool and contemporary color palette like this.

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 Originally published March 24, 2016

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