Quiz: How Much Do You Love Your Home?

Jane Douglass February 6, 2018

Your life changes over time: new relationships, new jobs, new hobbies. Sometimes, you can make changes to your home to adapt to your lifestyle - but sometimes you can't. And the hardest part? Knowing when to let go.

Take our quiz to find out your relationship status - with your living space.

How Much Do You Love Your Home?

You’re in the honeymoon phase.

Your weekends consist of trips to the hardware store, DIY projects and shopping for deck furniture online. Sure, it takes a couple of days to text your friends back - and you have half the money you used to - but you don't sweat it. Right now, you only have eyes for one thing: your new home.

You’re in the sweatpants phase.

Your thermostat runs on a program, and every knickknack has a place. You've made peace with the orange paint in the downstairs bathroom, and your ideal activity is putting on (mostly) clean sweatpants to chill on the couch. Things aren't as exciting as they used to be - but why mess with a good thing?

You’re in the seven-year-itch phase.

You're starting to notice the cracks in the ceiling, and you wonder if you're ever going to finish the basement. These days, your home stresses you out more than anything. You're at a fork in the road: You can either commit to your home for the long haul - or move on.

You’re ready to move on.

You look at other homes every spare moment, and you've started sending them to your spouse, your friends and even your boss. Whether or not you've admitted it to yourself, you're ready to move on and find your dream home.

You're going to paint your living room. Which color do you choose?

How do you set up your dining room for dinner parties?

Be honest: What does your guest room look like right now?

What's your next home project?

What are you saving for?

How do you spend your weekends?

How would you describe your neighbors?

What kinds of pictures are on your Pinterest board?

And speaking of social media … what was the last Facebook ad you clicked on?

Which quote do you identify with the most?











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