Quiz: Should You Renovate Your Home or Sell?

Jane Douglass March 12, 2018

Most homeowners have that one thing about their home that they wish were different.

“My house would be perfect if it just had one more bathroom.”

“I love my house - except for the kitchen layout.”

“If I had more storage space, I could live here forever.”

For some owners, their home’s fatal flaw exists outside the four walls. Maybe the house backs up to a creek that floods whenever it rains, resulting in a squishy backyard perfect for breeding mosquitoes. Or perhaps the home is located on a busy street that generates too much traffic noise. It could just be that the house is too far from the homeowner’s job, and the long commute has gotten old.

If you’re feeling discontented with your home, you may be thinking about renovating … or getting out entirely. Before you knock down walls or put your home on the market, check out our quiz - it could help you think differently about your situation.

Should You Renovate or Sell?

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Consider renovating.

If you love your home’s location-specific qualities (like great local schools or access to amenities), you could have a tough time replicating those elsewhere.

And if renovating could make your home livable for more than seven years or so, and if you can handle the mess and inconvenience of a big remodeling project, you’re probably better off staying put and investing in updates that will make the home work for you.

Before you begin, be sure to:


Get more home improvement inspiration.

Think about selling.

If it would take a massive renovation to transform your home into a place you can love, or if the location just isn’t what you want, you might be better off selling and moving to a more suitable dwelling - provided you plan to stay for a while, which will make the expense and hassle of buying a new home worth the effort.

Think selling might be your best option? Be sure to:


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What’s the real estate market like in your area?

Which is a bigger issue in your home?

How does your home compare to your neighbors’ houses?

If you renovated your home, how much longer could you live there?

If you moved to a new home, how likely are you to stay there for seven years or longer?

Do you think your household will grow?

How do you feel about your current neighbors?

Do you have an attic, basement or other raw space that could be finished?

What’s the first thing you’d do if you decided to remodel?

How do you deal with waiting in a long line that’s moving slowly?

What would be the main goal of your renovation?

Which room(s) would you renovate?

Do you know what a HELOC is?

Which would you most like your home to have?

How are the schools in your home’s district?

How do you feel when you think about your home?
























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