Quiz: What Style Is Your Dream Bedroom?

Jane Douglass January 25, 2018

Ahh, the bedroom of your dreams. Will it include fuzzy pillows or homespun quilts? Perhaps it's covered wall to wall in plush rugs. Or maybe it's a clutter-free, serene space.

Rest assured that this quiz will help you discover your style.

What’s Your Nesting Style?

Take the quiz to find out.


Clean lines, neutral colors - for you, less is more. While others banish beige, you say bring it on. It takes a renegade like you to strip away the unnecessary clutter and focus on a few statement-making features.


You'll take all the reclaimed wood and wrought iron, please. Your look is all about keeping things light, yet cozy. If it's rustic, knitted, homespun or antiqued, you'll welcome it with barn doors wide open.


This isn't granny's doily collection. You're going for refined elegance, which means delicate shapes paired with ornate details. Think curvaceous frames, chandeliers dripping in crystals and lush florals with creamy whites.


You're vibing hard on ikat prints right now. Surround yourself with bright pops of colors, crocheted textiles, and patterns on top of patterns on top of patterns. You'll feel like you're in an exotic locale, even if it is just the suburbs.

Which season do you enjoy the most?

Where would you love to go on vacation?

What is your ideal date?

What is your must-have accessory?

What midnight snack do you reach for?

What is your preferred beverage?

Which accent do you need in every room?

If you had an extra $100, what would you spend it on?

What best describes your fashion sense?

How do you like to unwind?










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